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Cpl Mitchell park dedication ceremony in Owen Sound.
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New Year, Many New Challenges for Dragoons
Posted on August 20, 2014

The Royal Canadian Dragoons returned to Regimental lines after a well-deserved Summer Block leave, eager to tackle the vast number of challenges in the training year ahead.  D Sqn will be conducting Exercise Ghost Springbok (Ex GS), a joint exercise with 1-71 Cavalry from Fort Dum, NY, designed to exercise the reconnaissance troops, command posts, and supply lines in the Ottawa River Valley.

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The importance of marry up drills - Ex MAPLE RESOLVE 1401
Posted on July 15 2014

In compliance with Task Force 1-14, C Squadron deployed to Wainwright, Alberta on 5 May 2014 for Ex MAPLE RESOLVE.  Once on the ground in sunny Wainwright the Squadron immediately started its preparations for the upcoming force on force portion of the exercise which was due to start 17 May 2014.  C Squadron had only two weeks to get ready to operate with other units from the Task Force.

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Force on Force - Ex MAPLE RESOLVE 1401
Posted on Jul;y 15 2014

On 17 May, C Squadron deployed for 14 days of sustained operation as part of the 1 RCR BG. During Ex MAPLE RESOLVE 1401, the Squadron was faced with navigating the 360o battle space into which the Wainwright training area had been transformed.

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RMC Environment Preparation Training
Posted on May 20, 2014

On Sunday the 27th of April 2014, 25 Armoured Officer Cadets (OCdts) from the Royal Military College of Canada travelled from Kingston to Garrison Petawawa to spend the week with A Squadron (Sqn), of the Royal Canadian Dragoons (RCD). The intent of the week was to provide a venue for the students to refresh their Armoured skills, in preparation of their summer training period. The RMC students conduct the vast majority of their military training in the summer months, which consequently means that they experience a substantial skill fade from year to year.

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