Message from The President of the Association

You have arrived at the virtual home of the Old Comrades of The Royal Canadian Dragoons. We are an association of retired members of Canada’s Senior Armoured Regiment and we can be found in regional Chapters all across the country. We are a friendly bunch, always willing to welcome a new face, always willing to lend a hand and always willing to talk about the Regiment and it’s service to our country.

The Association exists for a number of reasons - we help to foster, maintain and promote the traditions, the wellbeing and the esprit de corps of the Regiment; we provide advice, assistance and guidance to the Colonel of the Regiment and we help to ensure the essential purposes of the Regiment are maintained and that the Regimental Family speaks with a common voice on matters of Regimental concern. Equally important, however, is the fact that we look after each other. Because of our regional organization, retired, former or still serving members of the Regiment can always get together with old friends without traveling long distances and help is usually just a phone call away.

Every two years, the Association holds a national Reunion, usually at a different  place each  time, Our last formal event was in 2007 in Windsor but a large  group of  Association members  from across  the  country attended  the
125th Anniversary Celebrations in Ottawa in June of 2008. The next national Reunion will be in Petawawa in 2010 but the individual Chapters hold many events throughout the year. Summer BBQs, lunches and dinners corresponding with major Regimental celebrations such as the Leleifontein weekend, the Regimental Birthday, Remembrance Day or whatever reason comes to mind at the time are the real reasons the Association exists - keeping people in touch.

The Association was formed in 1974 with Brigadier EAC (Ned) Amy, acting in his capacity as Colonel of the Regiment, serving as the first President and convening the first meeting of the Association in the Armouries of the Royal Canadian Hussars in Montreal on the 26th of October of that year. The Royal Canadian Dragoons Association was granted Letters Patent effective 15 June, 1976, and the Chapters began forming in their regions shortly afterwards. Membership in the Association is through the individual Chapters and for a minimal price, brings with it subscriptions to the Association’s annual newsletter “The Dragoon”, the Regimental annual newsletter, “The Springbok” and an internet email group the “Dragnet”. Individual Chapters also produce annual newsletters so there are many opportunities to keep in touch. As a result, the Association is doing well but it is always ready to welcome new members and I urge you to contact the Chapter representative found below and talk to them about becoming a member.

I recommend that you also to visit this site as often as you wish. The information is updated as required and there is a lot of information of interest to members. We have a page which covers the Board of Directors and the Chapter Chairs and each Chapter has, or will have, a link to its particular information and events. There are lots of opportunities to keep up with the Regiment and with the Old Comrades and I urge you become a member and keep in touch with all of your old friends.

Mr. JB Price

Royal Canadian Dragoons Association

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