Lieutenant-Colonel Rob Marois joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1992 as a Trooper in the Militia with the 1st Hussars in Sarnia, Ontario. In 1994, he transferred to the Regular Force at the Royal Military College in Kingston where he completed a Bachelor of General Science (Chemistry), graduating in 1998.

A proud member of Canada’s senior serving Armour Regiment since 1999, Lieutenant-Colonel Marois has held a range of positions with The Royal Canadian Dragoons, including Reconnaissance Troop Leader, Adjutant, Reconnaissance Squadron Commander, and Headquarters Squadron Commander. His extra-Regimental postings have included Operations Officer of 1 Canadian Ranger Patrol Group in Yellowknife, Northwest Terriorities, G3 Operations at 2 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group Headquarters, Executive Assistant to the Chief of Force Development at National Defence Headquarters and Chief of Staff of Army Collective Training at Canadian Army Doctrine and Training Centre.

Lieutenant-Colonel Marois has deployed on three operational tours: in 2001 as a Reconnaissance Troop Leader in Bosnia-Herzegovina including 30 days as part of Task Force Harvest in the Former Yugolsav Republic of Macedonia; in 2006 as the Second-in-Command of the Reconnaissance Squadron as part of the 1st Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment Battle Group (Task Force 3-06) in Kandahar, Afghanistan; and in 2010 to 2011 as the Task Force Kandahar G3 at the end of Canada’s combat operations in that country.

In his spare time, Lieutenant-Colonel Marois enjoys running his small farm with his wife, Ranelle Larocque, riding his horse and his tractor, and enjoying spending time living in the country.
Biography of Lieutenant-Colonel Rob Marois, CD
57th Commanding Officer of the RCD
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