Tpr Marc Diab
Marc always gave without ever expecting to get anything in return.  His family decided last Christmas not to exchange presents.  Marc coming home from Petawawa ignored these wishes as he filled his Jeep to the roof with gifts.  This was typical of his personality and sense of humour.  Seeing how many presents he had bought for everyone, his family matched his giving spirit and they soon had more presents than any Christmas before.  Marc’s giving spirit was not only at Christmas.  He always bought his brother in-law Fadi a Harley Davidson t-shirt from every city he traveled.  Fadi now owns over forty of these t-shirts.  Upon his return from Afghanistan, Marc promised he would get his nephew a puppy, his niece a kitten, and his mom a laptop. 

Marc having strong willingness to give soon found a home with a local church youth group.  It was obvious early on that he was going to be a great leader as he stood out amongst seventy other children and teens.  He begged the pastor to take him on the camping trip although the bus would be leaving in just twenty minutes.  The pastor not thinking Marc would make it told him that if he could gather some clothes and be there in time, he would have a spot on the bus.  The pastor was surprised to find Marc waiting in the parking lot with two large keyboards and two tents in his arms.  The pastor was glad that Marc came on that trip as he would often mentor his peers and he was taking the lead on many tasks and exceeding expectations.  After joining the military on the 11th January 2006, Marc continued to use his summer leave to run these youth camps.  He would teach the children survival techniques and first aid that he was learning in his military training.  He became a role model and a mentor to all of the children of his community, his popularity rivalled rock star status.  When they found out he would be going to Afghanistan, they created a Facebook page that had over seventeen hundred members and supporters.  Although Marc was idolized by the local youth group, he never asked for it and always remained very humble.

Marc proved his character to his father when he last spoke to him on the phone.  His father told him to lay low for the next few weeks because he it was almost over, but he told his father he could never let his colleagues down and he had to continue giving until the end of the mission.  He was best known by his famous sentences: “I am Marc with a C”, and “I don’t repeat myself”.  He loved surprising people and was funny with everything he did.  He was full of life and fun to be around, he stole peoples’ hearts. 
23 September 1986 - 8 March 2009

Marc Diab was born on the 23rd of September 1986 in Ain-Ebel Lebanon to Hani Diab and Jihan Falah.  He has two older sisters: Jessica and Maya.  He and his family moved to Canada in 2000 and he became a Canadian Citizen on the 11th of June 2004.  This was a dream come true for Marc because it allowed him to finally serve in the military, something that he was not allowed to do in Lebanon being an only son.   The family chose to settle in Mississauga where a large and very active Lebanese community exists.  Marc met a girl named Mary Barakat who he grew up with in Lebanon.  They were meant to be together, as soul mates.  Marc told his mother that when he returned from Afghanistan he would get engaged to Mary.  He had plans to buy an apartment and rent it out to save money for a house.  He and his mother looked for a wedding ring while he was on leave from Afghanistan.  He researched the best techniques for buying diamonds, and he was like a professional when searching the best ring possible.  He ended up buying a very rare black diamond, known as the highest quality diamond.  He was to get engaged on Easter Weekend upon his return.  He had plans to ask Mr Barakat’s permission for marriage before asking her.  Marc was always looking to buy his family the best things possible.
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