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This section of our web site will hopefully provide you a snapshot of our history and of the deeds accomplished by our Dragoons over the years since 1883. For complete details, you might consider obtaining our Regimental History book "Dragoon" by Bereton Greenhous or visiting our archives section where we may assist you.

As you might expect, details of current out-of-country deployments will be found on the Regiment's web pages. Those pages will, of course, be transferred to this section once the deployment task has been accomplished.

In the navigation panel on the left viewers may select specific time periods or deployments. We highly recommend that a good starting point would be first to call up the "Regimental Roots (Historical Summary)" and the "Historical Data" pages so as to get a feel for the Regiment's historical context.

We wish you "Good Viewing". And if there's something you'd like to see added or expanded, or if you have some photos that could accompany these articles, please let us know.