United Nations Protection Force Yugoslavia 1995

In Oct 1994 the Dragoons deployed as a Battle Group of 800 with the Dragoons in command to the town of Visoko, former Republic of Yugoslavia on Operation Cavalier. The Canadians were unique in their A.O.R. being the only contingent with O.P's located in the territory of all three factions.

One of the most memorable times of the Dragoons tour was when 55 Members of A Sqn. were detained for 14 days in Dec. 1994 at that same time Camp Visoko was the victim of rocket attacks. With no one injured and the 55 from A Sqn the Regiment completed it's tour and returned to Canada in May 1995.

A Sqn left Canada in Jan. 1996 for the F.R.Y. on Operating Alliance as part of Canada's NATO (IFOR) commitment to the Balkans.
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